Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh Gawwwwd It's Keith Olberman


Here at Duke over America, unlike over at Countdown we can correct a mistake. Truth matters and the truth is I still love ya Keith, your my favorite TOOL

According to TV NEWSER it was not the Lead sportscaster at MSNBC that uttered " Awww Gawd" but our favorite leg tinglier Chris Matthews who spoketh the phrase. Dammit Chris, your Catholic you know that's no no!!! Can't wait to watch the grovel dribble fest later on HARDBALL!!!!

Keith just can't help himself bless his lil black heart. Right before Bobby Jindals republican response to President Obama's State of confusion address as Jindal approached the place he was to deliver the speech Olby muttered...

" Oh Gawwwd"

Here is your video.....

For those of you who have not read this blog before I have commented on Olby here and his female impersonator the lovely Rachel Maddow here. I think they are national treasures to be watched and MOCKED.

Now I'm REALLY ticked at myself for not being able to watch Olby's pre and post speech analysis because Tues is dollar taco day at the non local bar and I chose that over the " One's" speech. How many other Olby gems or Maddow pontification rants did I miss?

DAMMIT all to Hell dollar taco night!!!!

Tonight's Countdown will be a gem , watch won't you? If you can control your anger without pills that is!!!!!

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