Friday, February 13, 2009

American Princess Valentine

It sure is that time of year, Valentines day. Whilst I am single again this year which is ohh so sad, I sure hope to meet someone one day like one of my fav bloggers E.M. Zanotti over at American Princess. As a Service to her male readers she was trying to instruct those of you schlubs who have a LOVED one that your days of usefulness might be numbered. No problem for me but guess which part caught my EYE.......

So, what else is new? Well, every year, I start early at AP trying to instruct my predominantly male audience on the particulars of female expectations on Valentines Day. Its a holiday I personally hate, and would rather celebrate with a candle-lit dinner at White Castle, but I’m not most girls. Most girls want much more.

A woman who wants a dinner at White Castle, will miracles never cease?!?!?!.

As Fred G Sanford would say "Elizabeth I'm coming to join you honey!!!!" Only problem is I don't know any Elizabeth's but I think you get the picture.

Alas one CAN dream and HOPE even in the " AGE OF OBAMA"

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Elizabeth "E" Crum said...

Actually you DO know an Elizabeth NOW... But my hubby is a jealous Sicilian, so better keep your hands, er, your comments under control. (hee Hee HEE!)

EM is good people and quite a fascinating person; have you ever read her "25 things" meme on Facebook? If you think you're in love NOW...