Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rahm Emanuel needs a Tums ...STAT

This is the best news I have read about the left in a while...........

A group of liberal bloggers said it is teaming up with organized labor and MoveOn to form a political action committee that will seek to push the Democratic Party farther to the left.

Why am I geeked about this you say? They actually think they country has MOVED that far to the left. I admit on some days the crap coming out of Washington I feel like that is true.

But in reality it is not.

When Rahm Emanuel ran the House congressional election committee during the 2006 cycle he made a very shrewd move. He made sure to support and recruit candidates in districts that were controlled by Republicans to look a lot like Republicans on all issues. He blurred the line, and with the un popularity of President Bush the Dems swept into Congress. He could have forced the issue and made sure the party did not nominate those who did not think like him but Rahm is a very smart calculating poltician and he knew what the makeup of the country looks like district by district.

It's not a blue country.

The election of President Obama confirmed this for me. Except for abortion he ran like a moderate, not a liberal citing " tax cuts for 95% of all Americans". On a lot of issues he sounded like a smoother version of George Bush 43 while ripping on Bush for supporting those very issues.

So here comes the brain trust for the new group Accountability Now, trying to make the world more liberal one day at a time.

They do not have a clue.

What is even more delicious about this is the example they cite of them flexing their muscle right here.......

Left-leaning bloggers have already proven themselves influential in congressional races, most notably providing muscle for the movement that helped Ned Lamont defeat Senator Joseph Lieberman in the Connecticut Democratic primary in 2006. ( Lieberman went on to retain his seat after running in the general election as an independent.)

Of course what they don't mention in the rest of the article which you can read here is the fact that Lieberman went on to CRUSH Ned Lamont in the general election.


If a ultra liberal can win in the primary but get crushed in CONNECTICUT how do you think the rest of the country will treat the Kennedy du jour candidate in the general election's across the country.

Rahm has to be banging his head on a wall in his office in the White House.

I couldn't be happier!!!!!

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