Sunday, February 22, 2009

A tale of two clueless Governors one a Republican and one a Democrat

So the stimulus money is now the topic of conversation on the Sunday news shows. The nations governors are in town to try to figure how fast they can spend the dough before the next " EMERGENCY BAILOUT" hits.

And my governor, the failed dating game contestant Jennifer Granholm had this to say.....

"You better believe I'm going to take every dollar that's coming to Michigan," Granholm said. "If my colleagues here in South Carolina and Minnesota don't use theirs, I'm going to be first in line to say ... I'll take their dollars, too."

Nothing like begging on National TV there Guv. I should not be surprised by anything this woman does because she has been a unmitigated disaster since she took office.The nations highest unemployment, people leaving in droves and our home values plummeting , and this was all in 2004 while the rest of the nation hummed along.

She promised to " BLOW US AWAY" and to borrow another dumb slogan from a politician...."Mission Accomplished

I'm thinking no one could top my guv's ineptitude. Top it no, but match it sure. In to save the day and make a run for gubernatorial begging comes California Governor Arnold " I'm not really a Kennedy" Schwarzenegger.

How embarrassing. These two should just run off together a destroy a small island somewhere with there inability to manage a crisis.

Come to think of it, both are actors. One was failed in the field and the other was not very good but commercially successful.

They both have played FAILED Governor's to perfection !!!!!

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