Monday, February 16, 2009

ENCORE RFC's about damn time and now it's here!!!!!

I wrote about this a little over a month ago and ohhhh my how time fly's when your living in the " AGE OF OBAMA".

Today was the official launch of RFC Radio the first 24/7 radio station for the conservative in all of us.The idea is a truly novel one ( I won't lie, I'm jealous I did not think of it. Come to think of it I probably did in a bar, but was than beaten up and forgot about it)

In the coming weeks and months, the content and programming will expand and take shape to provide conservatives with a one stop shop if you will, of information and original programming not diluted by the MSM.

A big congrats goes out to Duane, Andrew and Elizabeth for bringing this idea who's time has come to life!!!

Now it's our turn to help support it, Click on the link.. listen as often as you can and go to the site, browse around. Pick up some apparel to piss off the Keith Olbernmann or Female Keith Olbermann impersonator in your office. ( That last jibe was a Rachel Maddow joke )

Let's get involved and help preserve the country to which we have been blessed to live in. Supporting those who believe in most of the same things we do is a great start and listening to rock n roll is always a good way to get the blood pumping!!

Hat tip to Elizabeth for the mention today. I hope that is bland enough of a mention for the hubby ;-)

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