Monday, February 9, 2009

I still can't beleive Jimmy Carter was a President of the United States

I was brought up to respect the office of The President of the United States. It is a very difficult job. You have the weight of the free world on your shoulders, plus the responsibility of leading the people of this great country.

So I ask this as a very serious question.

How did this horse's pa toot ever achieve the highest office in the land?

I know he got his arse handed to him 4 yrs later by Ronaldus Maximus, but please, how did he get there in the first place?

Watch this short video on Carter on the Today show. Pay close attention around 16 seconds when he just shrugs off criticism that he is meeting with HAMAS a terrorist organization........

So I guess because they have never broken their word to YOU it's ok that they target and kill innocent people. Make no mistake about this, Carter had been trying to undermine both the Clinton and Bush administrations for years on their Middle East peace initiatives.

You see only Jimmy can bring peace to the Middle East. After all he did in the 1979 after handing Egypt a BOAT LOAD of cash to play nice with the Israeli's. That is not meant to take away from Anwar Sadat what a brave move it was at the time, but Carter essentially promised more cash than the Soviets would. So he thinks he can work magic and he fly's around the world making asinine statements trying to re capture the moment of Camp David. He just doesn't have the U.S. treasury backing him up now!!

Thank God

In the meantime be prepared for this NATIONAL embarrassment to continue to use the prestige of his former office to try to make those who truly want peace, look bad

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J. Lenger said...

I'd say this man has completely lost his mind, but he thought that way back when he was in charge as well.