Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I have a feeling the best job to have in the Federal Government right now other than the guy who get's to put a muzzle on Joe Biden are the workers in the Federal Treasury printing money. It's the ultimate job security. We will be printing money just to cover this latest crapulus pkg from now until the time the Detroit Lions win a Super Bowl, which would coincide with the return of Jesus.

But that was just the beginning From the Wall Street Journal....

WASHINGTON -- Two weeks after passing a $787 billon economic stimulus plan, Congress returns next week to take up another spending bill, this one with a price tag of $410 billion.

Unlike the emergency recovery plan rushed through Capitol Hill in a matter of weeks, this covers the regular functions of government, from education to agriculture. It is leftover business from the final weeks of the Bush administration, and belatedly sets a formal spending plan for fiscal year 2009, which began Oct. 1.

Are you kidding me? Another $410 billion to try to cover the year till Oct 1st. This is insane and absolutely irresponsible!!!

Reading on in the Journals article right here we find that this is a almost 9 % increase over 2008 spending. This is so going to deflate the dollar and promote inflation that we are in for a world of hurt in more ways than one.

Nice promise on cutting the deficit in half by the end of your first term President Obama. Just promise to Nuke the Iranians now being we know everything coming out of your mouth is pretty much akin to horse poop.

I don't have kids and I feel bad for those of you that do. This is bad, real bad debt wise. We are lumping it on them to make us feel good when we look in the mirror.

We haven't even gotten to Social Security and Medicare crisis to come, God help us all!!!!

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