Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Santelli'sTea Party, July would be better

Rick Santelli SNAPPED. He went right over the top and declared war.

Well not really.

As you can see from this video right here he goes on a mini tangent that makes a whole lot of sense and struck a chord with middle America. He proposes doing a New Boston Tea Party in Chicago in July.

A Grand Idea. A noble endeavor to pursue and to plan for so that in 4 months a rally could be put on to show the Goverment this is bull $%^& and were sick of taking it on the chin.

So what do Conservative leaders do? They plan for one Feb 27 in cities across the nation. While CPAC is going on in Washington. On a FRIDAY, which just to clarify is still one of the 5 work days and with less than 8 days to prep.

Now I have no problem with doing multiple demonstrations across the country for those who might not be able to travel. Planning one for Feb in Northern cities is just plain DUMB.Doing one also with VERY little time to plan is also a potential problem and doing it during the week is just plain irresponsible. If this was planned out to where people could make arrangements for work IN ADVANCE that would not be an issue.

We have been very critical of the Democrats for ramming a plan down the throats of the American People with the Battle Cry of something , anything has to be done and rightly so. We go and try to put a nation wide rally together in 7 days, smacks of the same mentality, do anything something now!!!!!

There are a ton of really good people working their asses off to make this a success this Friday. I hope it is, the nation is looking for answers right now and the conservative movement has them.

I just hope this does not blow up for if it does it could slow down the momentum from a backlash started by Santelli's comments. And if that happens all to satisfy some people needs to be called " LEADERS" in the movement, more interested in having conference calls than actual rational planning that would be a DAMN SHAME.


Stephanie said...

I agree completely. I understand the desire to capitalize on the moment but I think we'll be presented with MANY times to protest the tax policies of the current administration. These impromptu demonstrations make us look weak and ineffective.

On the other hand, we're building momentum here (hopefully) and also building to larger demonstrations as more people become dissatisfied with the way things are going.

T. LaDuke said...

I do believe also in striking while the iron is HOT but when it comes to Taxes the Iron is ALWAYS hot. The country is split into different areas and for Michigan this time of year it's CRAP. That opens up the MSM to really report some bogus things about " INTEREST" in this movement.

I do hope they have one in July or the summer like Santelli said !!! said...

Yeah, BUT, there is one happening NOW. The energy is building and its ready to burst.

So hopefully, Steph and Irish, we'll see you both in Lansing on Friday at noon? Hint hint? :)


T. LaDuke said...

I will def try to be winging my way up tomorrow. Eric Ventimiglia is out of town so I know no shenanigans will be taking place!!!

Stephanie said...

Yes, I would love to participate now (but I'd have to leave my house right now to get to you guys, haha)!

There is a tea party up in Denver but my kids have half-days on Fridays and I'd never make it back in time to pick them up.

So, I am holding out hope for another one in July. We can call it our family vacation :)