Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ketih Olberman as Freud, Special Guest Janeane Garofalo as DEPRESSED

Keith Olberman just never fails to amaze. What did our favorite lil sportscaster Edward R Murrow wanna be do now? He and his guest Janeane Garofalo pretend to be psychologists and discuss why Rush Limbaugh is Rush Limbaugh. Put simpler, why Rush has low approval ratings in some 'POLL" that only 37 % women like him.They actually try to ANALYZE this.


I could go on for about 2 days on this 7 minute piece but just a couple of notes.

First off Janeane Garofalo is a walking human pile of depression. This is my psychoanalysis, but of course I have 3 degrees in this field from Crackerjack boxes , 3 more than these tools.

Just reading her bio on on Wikepedia made me feel really bad for her. She wants to kick it and bad, and she admits as much at the end of the 'BIT".

Now the most insulting thing is the use of terms that neither knows what they are talking about. Namely "Stockholm Syndrome" and accusation that any women that would date Rush has this or Micheal Steele new chairman of the Republican Party is afflicted with this too.

Keith my boy " YOUR A RACISIT" and it should be called out as such. Garofalo doesn't know any better because she is totally bummed out " BY LIFE" but you my boy are a former sportscaster who occasionally had to interview BLACK people. I think you should have learned that most blacks, Hispanics, Chinese, ohhh the list could go on might have different views POLTICALLY from you and aren't beholden to some syndrome that your producer clued you into 15 mins before this sad bit of comedy.

I really hope Micheal Steele calls you to the carpet on this you TERD.

As for the analysis of Rush , I'm sure Mr Limbaugh has more than enough gals who listen to him and love him!!!!. Assuming that half of Rush's 20 million listeners are women 37 % of a total 10 million listeners is about 3 1/2 million or so women who dig Limbaugh and that's more than you and Garofalo could garner in 3 months of stupidity.

Keep it up Keith, I LOVE IT!!!!

To watch this dismal clip courtesy of Hot Air click right here


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