Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Don't send him to set off a car bomb!!!!

I was very confused about this at first.

I mean why DEATH TO ALL JUICE!!!!

Is he pissed about a certain type of juice, Apple ,cranberry, O.J. ( THE JUICE ) Simpson?

But of course this picture was taken Dec 28th in New York at a Pro Palestinian rally and this brain surgeon was repping his cause!!!

Now call me crazy but I don't see what these people are all upset about. If you launch missiles into a country, expect to get your clock cleaned. I live in metro Detroit which sits right on the border with Canada. If the canucks one day decide to start lobbying tubes filled with shrapnel over the Detroit river I can guarantee we are not going to sit idly by and let that happen.

Destroy our own state and city DAMN STRAIGHT, have someone else try to do it" You got another thing coming" cheesy Judas Priest ref I know we would go over and at least stop the missiles from flying and as a bonus take over their beer making capabilities!!!!!

The Israelis have every right to defend themselves and have shown restraint time and time again during the cease fire agreements. These have only given Hamas time to re-group ,re-arm and plan there next attack. The whole of the international community should be behind the Israelis to put this terrorists down for good.

And if we could do that........we could allow numbskullz ( YEAH, I SPELLED IT WITH A... Z ) like this tool to go back to protesting the lack of jobs at a yak milking facility in Gaza!!!!

( Hat tip, Little green footballs )

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

And the Brass Balls for 2008 award goes too!!!!!!!!

The award goes to Gov Rod Blagojevich of the great and ohhhhhhhhhhh so very corrupt state of Illinois. ( I still love those Cubby's though, and the Chicago deep dish is fablicious) With a very special side mention to the inept legislators in the Illinois legislative branch.

Let's start with the Illinois Legislature first on this most incredible and sad folly. How is it that the Illinois state legislature can totally punt this appointment back to Blago. They met in mid December to change the Illinois constitution to strip him of this appointment power and FAILED. I don't really think that if you have the will power to do something to effect positive change for the people of your state it should be that hard to change THE WORDS ON THE PARCHMENT FOLKS. Mike Maddigan and the rest of the those fine folks in the Illinois house, kudos on making this possible for Blago to do what he did yesterday!!!!!!!!

Now for our star of the hour, he is a man who really since all this broke needs no introduction. The current and utterly disgraced Illinois Governor "HOT ROD" Blagojevich. Guv Blago took to the airwaves yesterday to announce that he was filling Senator Obama's vacated Senate seat with former Illinois attorney general Roland Burris. From everything I have read Mr Burris was never in the loop for the pay to play scandal that Guv Blago is in the hot water tank for right now. And under normal circumstances this appointment fly's through with no problem.

These are not normal circumstances!!!

The governor stated that under the constitution of Illinois he has the duty to make an appointment to fill this seat. HE's RIGHT by the way because of the weenie rollers not stripping him of this power in the legislature. But to do this with the current scandal hanging over his head, the threat from the U.S. senate declaring
they WILL NOT seat any one he picks is really quite astounding!!!!!

It actually takes a certain amount of testicular fortitude that I say most politicians in America just don't possess. But Illinois I guess it's all too common.

I will love to watch this play out over the next week or so because of all the different ways this could turn . We all ready have had ex Black Panther Bobby Rush using the word "lynching" to describe Burris from potentially being blocked. And the Lt Governor Pat Quinn had ripped Blago a new one for doing this also!!!

Congratulations Governor Blagojevich you earned your BRASS BALLS!!!

Bring on 2009!!!!!

Is it just me or do these two look alike, casuse if they are, where in the hell have Dolly and nugget been?

Monday, December 22, 2008

Can't we all get along version...... Detroit Lions 2008 season

As most of the world now knows, my beloved Detroit Lions are about to make some important history next week in Green Bay. They are going to lose a record 16th straight game the most of any team EVAH. If you think I might be counting my chickens too soon, they have not won at Green Bay since 1991!!!! ( for those of you reading that follow politics that's 5 presidential election cycles, FIVE )

Below I have posted a video clip of the news conference that happens after every NFL game with the coaches and and reporters. Rod Marinelli ( Lions Coach ) is being asked by Rob Parker ( Reporter from the Detroit News ) why the Defensive coordinator who also happens to be his son in law still has a job after this debacle of a season where the Lions are last in the league in every category but especially horrific on defense.
Rob has been digging at this all season but pay close attention at about 1:03 and than the reactions by the Fox Football Sunday panel.....

Now Rob Parker has been know as a bit of a smart ass here in Detroit, but I think it's obvious he just tried to change it up with a not as classy question as he could have asked scenario. I mean, if you have watched these pressers week after week and have listened to Rod drone on and on but " Going back to work" and " We practice great" this was a welcome departure where the coach could not give us some standard stupid answer.

The real funny thing is Rod yesterday turned out to say he was offended and would not except an apology from Parker, which Parker offered in his column yesterday here

So Rod, chill out. We have had to watch this crap sandwich you have put out for 3 yrs now and someone asked you a question that in a cheeky way involved your daughter!! Not as bad as sitting and watching these games and paying 8.50 per beer to do it!!!!

Next time Rob, if you want to get national attention....Just chuck your shoes at him!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Why didn't i think of this 8 yrs ago

Nothing says " I support CHANGE " better than this product right here

I have to admit, I'm jealous. I mean why didn't I think of W PJ's back in 2000 or 2004?

I do have a sneaking suspicion though that the fabric will not hold up as well as the manufactures have promised. The Ojamas might fall apart after the first couple of crises errrrrrrrrrrrr washes. But at least I can learn from my short slightness.

I start working on the Sara Palin Moose slippers immediately for 2012!!!!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

The bailout to end ALL loans

Today the President of the United States agreed to give the auto companies 17.4 billion in loan guarantees from the TARP bailout act of 2008. This is going to immediate go to help G M and Chrysler specifically to continue operating through February at least.

And according to some of my favorite conservative pundits and brethren the world might cease to spin on it's axis.

Now don't get me wrong, in a perfect world the government be it local,state or federal levels should have as little meddling to do in business and social affairs of our lives as possible. We of course know that the world is far from perfect.

There are a couple of things to consider in my ohhhhhhh so humble opinion,

1. This has been done before, the bailout errrrrr loan guarantee was offered to Chrysler back in 1979. Who can forget the riveting site of Lee Iacocca getting on his knees to kiss Jimmahhhhh Carters shoes. And Chrysler paid it back!!!! Truly a novelty considering all the money the government gives out every year and get ZERO back in return.

2. The stipulations that were offered by Sen Corker were a fair and reasonable offer to get the guarantees, but most of these things were all ready negotiated and to take affect in 2010 with the new UAW contract. It was not unreasonable for him to want to speed that up. Of course politics had to rear it's head by Republicans and Democrats who wanted a time guarantee from the UAW and the companies on when they would be profitable. Nice try, these Senators had no intention of ever wanting to vote for this and put something in that they knew could not be answered. Try asking your Senator or Rep when the United States will be running a surplus and not a deficit and watch that bambi in the headlight look come over their face!!!!

Now to be fair, most of these commentators that I read were also against the TARP originally on principle. That we could pass a 700 billion dollar package in 10 days and have been screwing with this for over a month for 17 billion tells me the fix has been in on this for a while. This is Republican payback to the UAW for their unrelenting support for the dems and and other unions and a chance to rake their asses over the coals. And it a lot of ways both the CEO's of these companies and union management deserve the scourging. But the changes to the UAW and companies were put in place to be implemented gradually and than the credit crap sandwich happened which accelerated the need to move much faster.

That happens in a free market and with these loan guarantees I believe the Big 3 will be able to get through this time successfully. I know at least from my end I feel a helluva lot better about the taxpayer seeing their money back from the auto companies than I do from any of the other Paulson buddies list who received any dough!!!!

One last thing, I totally get why some people are just so aghast over this, I really do. The President has taken some heavy flack for this maneuver. But where were my conservative co-horts when Bush was running the country's debt up in 2002 to 2006 along with a republican congress? We have been spending money at a clip that is truly remarkable, and nooooooo it's not because of the wars either!!! Social spending in this country has run rampant and it was on GWB watch but I hardly heard a peep when I would bring this up. In fact a couple of times I was called a closet liberal.

The indignity of it all !!!!!!

Now let's all go out and have a very Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Just the beginning

To start off my blogging life I would like to present Mr Marvin Gaye singing the National Anthem at the 1983 N.B.A. all star game!! I can think of no better version of this song ever done, and there have been many great versions done!!!!