Tuesday, December 30, 2008

And the Brass Balls for 2008 award goes too!!!!!!!!

The award goes to Gov Rod Blagojevich of the great and ohhhhhhhhhhh so very corrupt state of Illinois. ( I still love those Cubby's though, and the Chicago deep dish is fablicious) With a very special side mention to the inept legislators in the Illinois legislative branch.

Let's start with the Illinois Legislature first on this most incredible and sad folly. How is it that the Illinois state legislature can totally punt this appointment back to Blago. They met in mid December to change the Illinois constitution to strip him of this appointment power and FAILED. I don't really think that if you have the will power to do something to effect positive change for the people of your state it should be that hard to change THE WORDS ON THE PARCHMENT FOLKS. Mike Maddigan and the rest of the those fine folks in the Illinois house, kudos on making this possible for Blago to do what he did yesterday!!!!!!!!

Now for our star of the hour, he is a man who really since all this broke needs no introduction. The current and utterly disgraced Illinois Governor "HOT ROD" Blagojevich. Guv Blago took to the airwaves yesterday to announce that he was filling Senator Obama's vacated Senate seat with former Illinois attorney general Roland Burris. From everything I have read Mr Burris was never in the loop for the pay to play scandal that Guv Blago is in the hot water tank for right now. And under normal circumstances this appointment fly's through with no problem.

These are not normal circumstances!!!

The governor stated that under the constitution of Illinois he has the duty to make an appointment to fill this seat. HE's RIGHT by the way because of the weenie rollers not stripping him of this power in the legislature. But to do this with the current scandal hanging over his head, the threat from the U.S. senate declaring
they WILL NOT seat any one he picks is really quite astounding!!!!!

It actually takes a certain amount of testicular fortitude that I say most politicians in America just don't possess. But Illinois I guess it's all too common.

I will love to watch this play out over the next week or so because of all the different ways this could turn . We all ready have had ex Black Panther Bobby Rush using the word "lynching" to describe Burris from potentially being blocked. And the Lt Governor Pat Quinn had ripped Blago a new one for doing this also!!!

Congratulations Governor Blagojevich you earned your BRASS BALLS!!!

Bring on 2009!!!!!

Is it just me or do these two look alike, casuse if they are, where in the hell have Dolly and nugget been?

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