Saturday, December 20, 2008

Why didn't i think of this 8 yrs ago

Nothing says " I support CHANGE " better than this product right here

I have to admit, I'm jealous. I mean why didn't I think of W PJ's back in 2000 or 2004?

I do have a sneaking suspicion though that the fabric will not hold up as well as the manufactures have promised. The Ojamas might fall apart after the first couple of crises errrrrrrrrrrrr washes. But at least I can learn from my short slightness.

I start working on the Sara Palin Moose slippers immediately for 2012!!!!!!


Eric said...

ha! love it. bought a large this morning. hope it will arrive in time for x-mas

Eric said...

and please blog about how the democrat secretary of state is stealing the senate election in minnesota. Mark Ritchies fat fingers are all over the scale.. do some research while you are at home.,2933,470892,00.html