Monday, December 22, 2008

Can't we all get along version...... Detroit Lions 2008 season

As most of the world now knows, my beloved Detroit Lions are about to make some important history next week in Green Bay. They are going to lose a record 16th straight game the most of any team EVAH. If you think I might be counting my chickens too soon, they have not won at Green Bay since 1991!!!! ( for those of you reading that follow politics that's 5 presidential election cycles, FIVE )

Below I have posted a video clip of the news conference that happens after every NFL game with the coaches and and reporters. Rod Marinelli ( Lions Coach ) is being asked by Rob Parker ( Reporter from the Detroit News ) why the Defensive coordinator who also happens to be his son in law still has a job after this debacle of a season where the Lions are last in the league in every category but especially horrific on defense.
Rob has been digging at this all season but pay close attention at about 1:03 and than the reactions by the Fox Football Sunday panel.....

Now Rob Parker has been know as a bit of a smart ass here in Detroit, but I think it's obvious he just tried to change it up with a not as classy question as he could have asked scenario. I mean, if you have watched these pressers week after week and have listened to Rod drone on and on but " Going back to work" and " We practice great" this was a welcome departure where the coach could not give us some standard stupid answer.

The real funny thing is Rod yesterday turned out to say he was offended and would not except an apology from Parker, which Parker offered in his column yesterday here

So Rod, chill out. We have had to watch this crap sandwich you have put out for 3 yrs now and someone asked you a question that in a cheeky way involved your daughter!! Not as bad as sitting and watching these games and paying 8.50 per beer to do it!!!!

Next time Rob, if you want to get national attention....Just chuck your shoes at him!!!!!!!

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