Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Don't send him to set off a car bomb!!!!

I was very confused about this at first.

I mean why DEATH TO ALL JUICE!!!!

Is he pissed about a certain type of juice, Apple ,cranberry, O.J. ( THE JUICE ) Simpson?

But of course this picture was taken Dec 28th in New York at a Pro Palestinian rally and this brain surgeon was repping his cause!!!

Now call me crazy but I don't see what these people are all upset about. If you launch missiles into a country, expect to get your clock cleaned. I live in metro Detroit which sits right on the border with Canada. If the canucks one day decide to start lobbying tubes filled with shrapnel over the Detroit river I can guarantee we are not going to sit idly by and let that happen.

Destroy our own state and city DAMN STRAIGHT, have someone else try to do it" You got another thing coming" cheesy Judas Priest ref I know we would go over and at least stop the missiles from flying and as a bonus take over their beer making capabilities!!!!!

The Israelis have every right to defend themselves and have shown restraint time and time again during the cease fire agreements. These have only given Hamas time to re-group ,re-arm and plan there next attack. The whole of the international community should be behind the Israelis to put this terrorists down for good.

And if we could do that........we could allow numbskullz ( YEAH, I SPELLED IT WITH A... Z ) like this tool to go back to protesting the lack of jobs at a yak milking facility in Gaza!!!!

( Hat tip, Little green footballs )

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