Wednesday, January 7, 2009

An Open letter to Dr Ron Paul on losing his Kibbles & Bits

Dr Ron Paul Sir,

I consider you somewhat of a genius. I think some of your work to raise awareness on the governments immoral deficit spending brave and very forthright. You have single handily taken that issue and made it your own. You were the voice of reason for those fiscal conservatives during the primaries, that just couldn't get over the fact that Mitt Romney's hair never moved.

Had John Mccain won, I had visions of you being named Treasury Secretary or something to do with finance with the word Czar after it.

In the video below, you touch on some of these things and it rings so true to my ears. I wish you would just keep up the awareness campaign you and your sane followers started. It's important stuff!!!!!!!!!!!

But than you went and made this video talking about the ground invasion into Gaza, and you utterly make no sense. NONE, ZERO like as in how much money the country will have soon!

Did he ever take a breath?

I honestly don't understand this prevailing thought today that Paul regurgitates that this was preemptive strike on Israel's part. I mean Dr Paul lives in Texas. If the country of Mexico decided to send missiles and not people over the border, I have a feeling the 82nd airborne would be dispatched in about 30 mins and it would not be considered preemptive. It would be retaliatory. The cease fire ended and Hammas decided to act as though it was the 4 of July!

And they are launching a few small missiles? On Tues Jan 6 2009 30 missiles or mortar shells landed in Israeli territory fired from Gaza. I don't know what your definition of a few is, but I sure as Hell thought you had a better understanding of numbers than that to call 30 IN ONE DAY a few!!!!

And one small direct missile hit can ruin your day Ron ole pal!!!!

Also the notion that the Palestinians are living in concentration camps. I mean honestly, are you kidding me? I like to be a little blithe in my commentary, but to compare what the Palestinians are doing to THEMSELVES in the west bank to what the Germans did to the Jews in WW II is downright irresponsible.

They are able to move around freely in a area twice the size of Washington DC. I'm sorry they have to go through checkpoints to leave but it sucks when your elected government is a declared TERRORIST organization!!

Their quality of life has improved dramatically since the Israeli government has taken over the area after the 6 day war in 1967.

All they have to do is agree to Israel's right to exist, I mean how difficult is that???

For the sane!

In the 2000 Camp David accords President Clinton did everything but hit Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak with a cattle prod to get him to agree to concessions to the Palestinians that included GIVING THE LAND BACK won after the 67 war and letting them govern themselves. But alas everyone's favorite Ringo Starr impersonator, Yasser Arafat squashed the deal because at heart THEY DON"T WANT ISRAEL TO EXIST. Not there or here or on Mars, well maybe Mars.

Ron pal, the Israelis should not have to give back land to a determined enemy that wants to wipe them off the map. It doesn't make sense, and as we have seen, it only emboldens your foe to really try to kill you. If were going to demand that, I think your sitting on some land that might have been taken illegally from my ancestors some 180 yrs ago. So under those rules , just leave I'll come and pick up your stuff. I think I saw some cool stuff in your library I could use.

And take some of your followers with you. I 'll be waiting for you to join the sane again one day and we might be able to laugh about this!!!

But I'm keeping the Library!!!!

Hat Tip Allahpundit @ Hot air


Anonymous said...

You are only looking at it from the point that they started firing missiles from Gaza into Israel ... you need to backtrack further to see that years of oppression on the peoples in Gaza by Israel is the ultimate culprit. If Texas blatantly denied goods and services from entering Mexico for years on end, then yes, they would have every right to start firing missiles into Texas ...

Daniel said...

I would bet "Anonymous" thinks that no matter how far back you go, it was Israel's fault.

Gaza is handed over the Palestinians, Israel establishes all kinds of aid and support despite being forced to make Gaza 100% Jew free, and the Palestinians respond by giving the "government" to an Islamo-Nazi Terrorist group that embarks on one path and one path only: the Destruction of Isreal.

And somehow that is Israel's fault.

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