Monday, January 26, 2009

Don't pet or feed the RINO, just be friends with it!!!

The Grand Poobah ,John Brodigan over at is writing about a subject that has bugged me for quite some time, the RINO in the republican party. RINO standing for " Republican in name only". I actually left the party in 1991 after President Bush 41 broke his pledge on "NO NEW TAXES" and was chastised because I didn't go along happily. I believe it was Reagan that said if I agree with someone 80 % of the time good enough for me.

Mr Brodigan echos this same thought...

What makes me roll my eyes is the attitude from some that the key to our success is to exterminate all “RiNO’s” from the party. There are some people who think the best way to reach out to new voters is to limit who we allow in the party. Other’s have a slightly different opinion. Consider Mississippi Governor and former RNC Chair Haley Barbour who a) is no “RiNO,” and b) was chairman in 1994 when we WON seats…

President Obama might have been right after all. Maybe HOPE is alive, even in the Republican party.

Read the rest of JB's piece right here

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Thomas LaDuke

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