Saturday, January 17, 2009

The incoming and outgoing random thoughts

This is the week people. PEBO becomes POTUSBO and I can't wait!!! I have a sneaking suspicion he will start jacking with the country with executive orders in the first 24 hrs and than the battle begins!!

The Detroit Lions hired a coach on Thursday. Tennessee Titans defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz was announced as the Lions 50th head coach and the latest sacrifice to try to get us to the promised land. He has a impressive record as a defensive coordinator and their is hope in Detroit........... And THAN

Four hrs later the Tampa Bay Buccaneers decided to throw up all over my parade and fire Jon " CHUCKY " Gruden. Just the type of coach I would love to have in Detroit. Good luck to Coach Schwartz you will need it sir.

I have no proof of it yet but I have a sneaking hunch that we are on pace for a above normal winter of snowfall accumulation. I betcha Al Gore never even thinks of giving back the Nobel peace prize!!!

I wonder what President Abraham Lincoln would have thought of Gov Blago? And Gov Blago's hair?

And for your viewing enjoyment.......macho sauce

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