Monday, January 26, 2009

America still likes the Gipper

In scouring the pages of the Internets looking for stories to make a conservative libertarian smile, I stumbled upon this gem . The Gipper is the President most Americans want President Obama to emulate.....

When given the choice of Abraham Lincoln, FDR, George Washington, Andrew Jackson, JFK, Dwight Eisenhower, Theodore Roosevelt, Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan – registered voters overwhelmingly said they want the new Democratic president to emulate the late conservative Republican president, who held office in the 1980’s.

“Reagan was the overwhelming favorite among Republican voters," said Ron Faucheaux, president of Clarus Research Group, the nonpartisan Washington, D.C., company that conducted the poll.

"He received 59 percent as the president GOP voters want Obama to emulate. Nobody else came close."

But Reagan got the highest support of any president overall, regardless of party affiliation, at 26 percent -- followed by Franklin D. Roosevelt at 18 percent. JFK was third (17 percent) and Abraham Lincoln fourth (13 percent.)

A little ray of sunshine to brighten my day. Even more so than the warmth from " THE ONE'S personality!!

I wonder if Reagan would have ever told Tip O Neil, " Well, you know Tip, I WON the election so just fall in line" Someone will have to ask Tip's former chief of staff Chris Matthews that after the tingle stops going up and down his leg!!!!

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