Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One week ago was the PRAYER heard round the world

It has been one week since our new President has been sworn in, and I think enough time has passed for me to comment on one of the most amazing things I had ever seen in a swearing in ceremony. The prayer by Reverend Joseph E. Lowery.

It's hard to stun me. He did!!!

I guess if Rick Warren had gotten up and said.......

" Let us pray for the day that Black won't hit back, when brown can swim to dry ground, when yella won't be such a short, brainy fella, when the red man can get off the booze man and when white won't be so up tight" .......

there would be NOOOOO blow back from the MSM I'm sure

Tabitha Hale from Pink Elephant Pundit and Smart Girl Politics had this take on the rhyming reverend..............

Division along racial lines is exactly what the left says they are trying to overcome - all they are doing is defeating their own cause by allowing this rhetoric to not only continue, but to dominate yesterday’s proceedings. We saw a campaign defined by race, and now we’re in for an entire term defined by race, which makes me more than a little sad.

See the video and the rest of Tabitha's take right here.

If your doing a prayer, just pray to the LORD.

Save the comedy stuff for Saturday Night Live

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