Thursday, May 14, 2009

Meltdown ( or not??) with Keith Olberman

So I'm minding my own business today surfing through the "internets" when I come across a juicy lil gem of a story about my all time favorite journalist hack...Keith Olberman.

From City Life New York....

If you regularly tune in to Countdown with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC, you may remember that Olbermann was mysteriously absent from the show for three days at the end of April. But Olbermann didn't just "have the night off," as David Shuster, his fill-in, said on the air three evenings in a row. According to a source inside MSNBC, it was a bizarre temper tantrum on Olbermann's part that led him to storm off the set in protest. Even stranger: The drama was all Ben Affleck's fault.

It seems our lil slugger was a lil perturbed that Bob Costas....errr Rachel Maddow booked a certain Guest that Olby wanted.

Ben Affleck.

When Keith threw his considerable weight around which is mostly his ego and DEMANDED that Matt Damon's best friend ( Ben Affleck) do his show instead of Rachel's and was denied he stormed out of MSNBC and pouted for 3 days.Thank the stars he's not really a journalist or he might have gone on a hunger strike.

All was right in my world, but alas the plot thickens. City life called MSNBC for a response to the story that they had. When they first went to post they had received no response from MSNBC. Than Olby got wind of the story and this is what the not so great one said....

Olbermann has issued an official statement on the matter: "That was my first opportunity to take even a long weekend to mourn my mother's death and deal with the many sad logistics subsequent to her sudden passing. The source of this story is a liar and those who spread it without seeking confirmation or reputation are beneath contempt."

WOW, all of a sudden I felt kinda bad. I'm sure through all that hate filled rhetoric that Keith spews everyday, he must have a heart and be mourning his Mom right? Hopefully?

One can never truly know what is in another's heart. If I'm betting though........I bet Rachel Maddow is the unnamed source for this story.

To make up your own mind read the whole story RIGHT HERE


Dr. Dave said...

That Keithy even has a heart (or a soul) is a shock to me. I'll never be the same for learning this (if it's even true, he says doubtfully). I just figured he's always been trying to beat the Wicked Witch of Congress for Top Asshole of America.

T. LaDuke said...

Being you are a Dr I think you need to check if he does have a ticker. He does try to beat the wicked biiiiiiiatch though . LOL