Sunday, May 10, 2009

Arlen Specter for the Cure...or maybe not

It's official, Arlen Specter is a total Jackass. Most people in the Republican party knew this but now the Dem's get a up close look at this ass.

From Politico......

Sen. Arlen Specter’s campaign team has changed the layout of its Web site to make it clear that the site is aimed at promoting Specter’s reelection to the Senate.

The move follows criticism that the site – and Specter’s description of it on “Meet the Press” and “Face the Nation” last week – could leave visitors confused into thinking it was raising money to promote medical research.

As POLITICO reported earlier this week, visitors to the earlier version of the site were greeted with a banner promising “A Giant Leap in Turning Cancer into Cures.” While the homepage of most campaign websites feature a photo of the candidate, this one offered a picture of a woman with red tape over her mouth. The caption: “Red tape leaves medical research gasping for breath. It’s time we let loose the winds of a cure.”

The only reason he bailed the Republican party was to save his ass in the senate race next year. Great principal Senator.

He accused the Rep party in a backhanded way of being responsible for Jack Kemp's death. Nice form Arlen.

And now setting up your re-election site to mislead people to think it's a cancer fundraising site. You are the creme ala creme of slimy politicians Mr Specter.

I hope Pennsylvania in 2010 sees you for what you truly are.

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