Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This other Mccain just kicked a lil ASS

I'm still a young pup at this here blogging thing. I have only been writing on this site for about 8 months or so. I try to read as many things on both the left and right and some down the center as I can.

One of the people I have read for the past couple of months is Robert Stacy Mccain. He is able to blend information into a style of writing that is not to taxing to read ( I.E. FRICKING BORING).

His latest post is a brilliant read that touches on 7 or 8 different topics and makes you feels as if you were just on a roller coaster of knowledge. His post is a lil like a Dennis Miller rant but on some really strong anabolic steroids. I highly suggest you give it a look.

I hope to write like him when I grow up or sober up whichever comes first!!!!


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