Friday, May 15, 2009

Fancy Nancy on lying,hating the CIA, George Bush and pissing off Hitler

So Nancy Pelosi goes out in front of the camera's and reporters yesterday and tells another version of what she knew and when she knew it. She upped the ante though when she accused the CIA of not only lying to her but in general lying to the congress as a whole.

OOPS. That was probably a mistake. I mean unless of course they actually have lied. If that were the case though I think the members of Congress who were lied to would have had the agency and those who had lied dragged through the public wringer of humiliation. Especially being that lying to a member of Congress is against the law and members have big enough ego's that they would not put up with being lied to.

Nancy has put herself into this position because she didn't want the heat from the loons on the left who think playing Ted Nugent songs at all hours in a terrorist cell in Club Gitmo is torture. She has tried to play both sides of the fence saying that she was ALWAYS against the Bush Admin policies of waterboarding when the record is coming out that she was not. Now she has accused said agency that is in charge of said technique of lying to her about when she was told and who told her. I can only imagine how she will try to spin this one on the Evil Bush Admin

She is in deep poo poo now. This is akin to telling the IRS that they suck on national TV. IF you do that how long before you think you get a audit? The CIA is mailing out more notes taken on this to reporters probably as we speak JUST in time for the Sun morning news programs.

Meanwhile Republicans are smelling blood and are trying to find a way not to blow this. Let's hope they get their act together and push this loon out of the top spot in the house.

To watch one Republican who so far has nailed Fancy Nancy ,here is Sen Kit Bond from MO. Skip ahead to the 6:45 minute mark for the money qoute that brings down the house

Also from the streets of Washington to the Bunkers of Berlin...Nancy Pelosi can get people MAD. Even dead dictators

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