Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gove Kennedy errrrr Schwarzenegger learns his lesson. Maybe

The People of Caliiiiiifornia have spoken.

They don't like the idea of their taxes going up anymore than they are currently. Who can blame them? The unemployment rate in the state is now hovering above 11% the current tax burden of the people of the left coast is higher than most other states and they are currently running a projected 21 billion dollar deficit.

Thank God they have Gov Arnie Terminator to ride in to save the day right?
From RTT news.........

In responding to the results, California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who had been a strong proponent of all six measures, said, "Tonight, we have heard from the voters, and I respect the will of the people who are frustrated with the dysfunction in our budget system."

"We face a staggering $21.3 billion deficit," he added, "and in order to prevent a fiscal disaster, Democrats and Republicans must collaborate and work together to address this shortfall. The longer we wait, the worse the problem becomes and the more limited our choices will be."

Sounds great. Only problem is Gov Meat Head here is one of the problems. His idea of compromise has been spend more money and than the state is taking in and borrow from the future.Sounds like a lil city out east on the Potomac that is doing the same things eh?

Which means that the majority of the compromise proposals he speaks of doing and has done have been more of the same liberal spend and burn tactics that have failed in the past. If Gov Kennedy had not lost that spine of his when he gave up his Hummer and and put his foot down on spending, maybe people were not be fleeing California like the " BIG ONE" just hit.

This is a prime example of what happens when the politician has a R after his name but it should be a D. Hopefully other Republicans are looking and learning the lessons from Gov girly man!!!

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