Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Need to raise money in the state that leads in Unemployment..RAISE TAXES

Oh boy.

Just when you thought maybe Gov Granholm had maybe studied her economic theory book a little and MAYBE had learned a lesson about tax increases a warning comes from Michigan State Senator Michelle McManus via our friends over at

In the coming weeks and months, you will hear our governor yet again make dire statements about Michigan's financial woes and how state government is slipping further and further into the red. She is even talking about tinkering with the income tax. Anyone else think that sounds like Democrat-speak for raising taxes? Be ready.

I read her warning three times to let it sink in. I personally think their is no way that this Governor could possible propose ANY TAX INCREASE of any kind. I also thought that she would be a mildly bad Governor. She proved me wrong there by being a terrible Governor beyond my wildest dreams.If Senator McManus is hearing some chatter in Lansing about a tax increase I'm glad she is sounding the alarm so that we can BE READY.

If one penny more is proposed to be raised on the backs of the citizens and the business left in this state in tax increases, I would hope all of us that still care about Michigan would turn out in greater numbers than we did at the TEA party and let our elected representatives know that it is not ACCEPTABLE.

I'm going to go bang my head into a wall now!!!

To read all of the Senator's warning click Right Here

1 comment: said...

The Senator is there on-site and living this stuff every day. If she's worried and tells us to be worried... I'm going to be worried.

As far as expectations re: the governor... never underestimate a tax-and-spender's capacity to lighten your wallet.