Monday, May 4, 2009

Unemployment in Michigan is a new industry!!!!!

Here at Duke over America we mostly like to talk about the national and world issues that are taking a hold of the current day's events. Occasionally though we love to turn home and comment on the lunacy that is Detroit City council and Monica Conyers or the abject failure that Governor Jennifer Granholm has been.

Today we focus on Governor Granholm. From the Detroit News on Thurs April 30,2009....

The hole in Michigan's recession-battered budget has nearly doubled to $1.32 billion.

State officials said the deficit -- estimated at $785 million a couple weeks ago -- has increased by half; likely meaning that more federal stimulus money will be needed to balance the books or deeper cuts will have to be made than anticipated only days ago.

WOW, the Governor is blowing us away at a clip that she could not even have imagined. Whenever you double your projected budget deficit in just a couple of weeks you are really working on making history. Not in a good way either.

Governor Granholm's administration has never really been much on substance but more on style. She has now run up against the harsh reality of that lack of substance, the budget MUST BE CUT. The stimulus money will be used I'm sure, but if the legislatures in Lansing want to make this right they should CUT at least 75% of the projected deficit out of the current budget instead of using the stimulus for a one time fix. Granholm has done this before and it has done nothing to prepare this state for the inevitable which we now face. The one time fixes of the Gimmick Governor have to end and the realities of the new Michigan must begin TODAY.

While you kids are at it in Lansing why not try something that the Governor has toyed with that has brought interest to the state. TAX CUTS across the board for individuals and companies instead of targeting them just for the film or some other pet project industry.

If you do that and the Gimmick Governor were to sign such a bill, at least she could leave Michigan next year on the path to recovery, instead of the complete ruin she seems hell bent on achieving.

And while the State BURNS... Lt Governor John Cherry prepares to run for the seat his boss has so aptly destroyed.

From our Friends at a lil video showing how serious our FRIENDS on the D side of the aisle take this problem.

Hope they didn't water down the punch folks!!!!

Read the rest of the ohhhh so happy Granholm record right here

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