Thursday, May 21, 2009


Occasionally something comes along that you feel kinda passionate about. For some that might be a car. For others maybe a sports team or a certain band or singer who sings some crazy tune called " Love Song" ( that is you me).

We all have though, some lil niche or thing that we love to do or participate in. Politics is one of the things I like to dabble in. Listening to music is another of the things that get's me jazzed up. Well back in February these two things were melded together when Radio for Conservatives was born.

A simple brilliant idea that was the brain child of three people Andrew Riley, Elizabeth Crum and Duane Lester. The radio station has talk shows that run the gambit of conservative and libertarian views from hosts across the good ole U.S.A. The music selection is not what the stuffed shirts of the Republican Party of old would probably recommend. The music actually has people playing guitar...and LOUD.

If I may use a term that jumped the shark LONG AGO, it has a different vibe.

Being that they are just a new station and not yet established we need your help. To play the music that is played, royalties and fees must be paid.

So I'm asking two things here today. 1. Tune into and check out the schedule and take a listen to the product that has been put together for the discerning conservative listener.

2. PLEASE DONATE to the station. Just go to the front page of and go to the top of the page to donate. Any amount is greatly appreciated $1, $5, $10 whatever you feel you can afford. The liberal media is out to knock our blocks off and people like George Soros and his ilk would like to see us all have kidney failure just like Wanda Sykes hoped for Rush. You can help stem this tide by keeping a homegrown conservative grassroots radio station on the AIR.

I thank you in advance and wish you a GREAT damn day!!!

T LaDuke


Andrew said...

Thank you, Duke. Now I owe you 2 shots of Tequila.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, RFC Rocks!

Patriot Byte said...

Great post Duke. Pleasure broadcasting with you !

Anonymous said...

I will definitely give a listen to RFC! As a gay Hispanic man, I'm in the minority but damn proud of being a moderate conservative.

It aches my spirit to know how this country has changed since Oprahama took office.

Added your blog to my Google Friend Connect. Look forward to more of you.