Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tea Parties are coming .....Tea Parties are coming

The TEA parties are coming to a city near you. This is the chance to get out and show WHY this country still rocks the damn world and to show the socialists who are trying to make us mundane that THEY are insane.

I personally will be at the Lansing , Michigan TEA party with about 1000 or so other like minded patriots( including Smart Girl Politics, Don't go movement & Joe the Plumber) who are sick of the spending that this administration and previous ones have shoved down our throats.

I ask EVERYONE get involved and help to make a difference, this country is too precious to allow misguided people follow flawed and failed policies that have ruined other countries.

If you need to find a tea party near you go to..

And to get ready for the PARTY watch this video to get a lil pumped up. A big thanks to fellow blogger and RFC radio contributor Ms Leslie Carbone who posted this on her excellent blog site here

I just LOVE the fact that John Lennon and the plastic OH NO band are featured for the song.........But this April 15 th is truly going to be POWER TO THE PEOPLE


Pablo Mac said...

It's time to put the fear of the people back in the government. said...

Thanks for keeping people in the know, Duke!

Have you linked "in the sphere" this morning!

See you on the 15th?


Jack McHugh said...

Hey Duke -

Just discovered your blog via In the Sphere Today.

Can you contact Jack McHugh at the Mackinac Center?