Monday, April 13, 2009

Just in time of the TEA parties..Jennifer Granholm shows TAX & TAX & Spend does not work!!!!!

Odd how these things sometimes happen. The Governor of this fine state of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm is delivering a message just in time for the nation wide TEA parties. States that spend too much and drive bushiness out have this happen......

Lansing -- The state budget situation is so bad that every dime of federal recovery money could be used to patch holes in the budget, and significant cuts would still have to be made, Gov. Jennifer Granholm said today.

"Suffice to say ... we have not seen an uptick in the sales tax, the income tax, the property tax or the business tax," Granholm said during a news conference at the State Capitol.

State tax receipts have been coming in at least $100 million a month short of projections made in January due to the anemic economy. Legislative leaders will huddle with the state budget director Thursday to discuss the budget in detail, the governor said.

You have not seen a uptick in state revenue? YA THINK!!!

Now sure Michigan has been hit HARD by the Big 3's troubles, but the fact of the matter is this state has driven business and people out for the better part of this Governors administration. Jennifer Granholm has never ONCE proposed to CUT the budget of this state that has had less people in it every year since she has been in office.

Hopefully the TEA parties that are happening this Wed will be the start of the renaissance that this state and the rest of the country need.

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