Sunday, April 12, 2009

I smell some TEA brewing

As I said in a earlier post what a great way to start the week. First, yesterday was Easter Sunday and on this very special day for Christians another miracle of sorts happened when Captain Richard Phillips was rescued by U.S navy seals.

And now this Wednesday is the National TEA party held at locals ALL over the good ole US of A.

Here in MICHIGAN this is going to be the start of changing the way this state government has done business for YEARS. Today's Detroit News has a very interesting article about the upcoming TEA parties and quotes Scott Hagerstrom from Americans for Prosperity on how our Governor has NOT learned her lessons in business 101 very well!!!

"It seems that all Lansing wants to do is solve problems by raising taxes, using Michigan citizens as an ATM," said protest organizer Scott Hagerstrom, Michigan director for the Americans for Prosperity, a national free market advocacy group.

"The governor has proven that the way to bring businesses to Michigan is to cut taxes," he said. "The film industry is flourishing here now because of their tax cuts and we want them for all Michigan citizens. Take the shackles off everyone so they can use their creative prowess."

This is a great point, cut TAXES and you don't have to fly all over the world to bring business to Michigan, business will come to you!!!

I hope if your in Michigan you will be able to join me in Lansing this Wed at noon with Smart Girl politics, #don't go movement and with special Guest, Joe the Plumber. If you can't make it to Lansing or live in some other great part of this republic then check out this website

GET INVOLVED and help to bring this state and the rest of the country back to fiscal sanity, one voter at a time if need be!

The Detroit News article isRight Here if you want to read more on this story

16 comments: said...

Thanks for spreading the word, Duke!

See you on Wednesday!


Communications guru said...

This nothing but a partisan political rally organized by a pair of rightwing DC-lobbying groups. Republican elected officials will be joined by fringe groups like white supremacist groups and militia groups. What it isn’t is a “tea party.”

T. LaDuke said...

Bitter grapes there fella. For being a " Communications GURU" and a former journalistista I wonder where ANY proof of this shadowy DC lobbying group is that is pulling the strings?

I'm sure you and the rest of those who think like you need to tell your self SOMETHING to help you sleep night. So be it.

If there are some fringe nut jobs they will be dealt with, unlike protests of code pink and the ilk where they ARE the only protesters and represent the left.

Nice try though. Next

RyanO said... Navy sharpshooters kill three pirates and that is a positive message for Christians and Easter? Do you have proof that the pirates were going to kill the captain? I thought they were holding him for ransom.

T. LaDuke said...

Yeah I sure have proof, they had just killed a French national not more than 5 days before on a boat they has hijacked.

Defending someone else s life is a very high calling, very Christ like.

Once again nice try

gnu2u said...

Mr. Communications Guru:

What rally *isn't* partisan?

RyanO said...

Oh, ouch! You really got me laduke! I love how taking life to defend life is very Christian - yep, I remember God and Jesus talking a lot about that. That Sixth Commandment isn't much anyways, right?

T. LaDuke said...

OHHH Ryan O, how silly art thou?

Does the bible not list numerous examples of life being taken to protect something as simple as LAND and not one's own life?

And being your a biblical scholar skippy which commandment did CHRIST himself say was the most important of these?

If you will allow someone to KILL innocents because of your misguided interpretation of the sixth commandment be my guest. Evil must be confronted not capitulated too.
( that means give up)

Keep up the great work trying to confound and dilute not only logic but the bible. It's not happening here though, especially from one who knows not what he means or says and hides in the shadows

RyanO said...

Why is your interpretation correct?

T. LaDuke said...

Answer the question to what your post posed?

"Does the bible not list numerous examples of life being taken to protect something as simple as LAND and not one's own life? "

It's not interpretation, you posed a FALSE premise.

I'm not buying into that gobbley gook, if you want to great.

Protecting innocent life is brought up[ in the bible, make sure you read it before commenting.

RyanO said...

Yes, it does; Deuteronomy is full of examples of murder for ridiculous reasons - it even lists killing a woman who is not a virgin on her wedding night. (Deuteronomy 22:20-21). People thankfully don't strictly interpret all the reasons for murder according to the bible.

T. LaDuke said...

Good Boy.The BIBLE does list things about taking one's life. I would have personally quoted Deuteronomy (20 : 1-4) but so be it.

To go back to your first ridiculous assertion about killing pirates on Easter, killing is condoned in the bible.

Pointing a gun at a innocent Americans skull shows the intent to kill, the Navy Seals did the right thing in taking the bad peeps out. Saving one's life via any means is a very CHRISTIAN thing to do.

You may continue your trolling now

RyanO said...

So killing is condoned in the bible - but what about the bible passage I referenced that referred to killing a woman who is not a virgin on her wedding night? There are many other examples like this where killing is condoned for various reasons; most of which have nothing to do with protecting the innocent. Aren't you following the bible word for word in your daily life? I don't think you are allowed to pick and choose which "rules" you would like to adhere (that means follow) by and which ones you would like to ignore

I know this is your website, but I thought tolerance was a Christian value - telling me to continue "trolling" is not exactly tolerant.

T. LaDuke said...

Yup killing is condoned in the bible, which defeats your earlier moronic point that it wasn't Christian.

And yes I DO get to pick and choose what I follow, it's called free will, read about it in the new testament.

As for tolerance if I told you to STOP trolling that would be intolerant. Picking you off on the language is as easy as those Navy Seals slicing those Somalian punks last Sunday

RyanO said...

Fighting over semantics is how you make your living on this pathetic blog - your interpretation is right and everyone else is wrong. I love how you won't discuss the bible stating that killing a non-virgin is acceptable.
How can you have free will if you have a list of rules to follow; isn't your hand forced already? It is so easy to catch you it is not funny.
Tolerance is engaging in a debate, but since it is your website you don't have to be. Now go be a good judgemental Christian and tell everyone how wrong we all are for not following your viewpoint.

T. LaDuke said...

You are truly ignorant, you don't even use the term semantics correctly in your argument. I'm sure you read it somewhere and thought it would be a neat word to use someday, use it correctly.

As for the killing of the virgin, you made my point of the bible speaking of killing. The Navy Seals did the right thing is taking down those whom you obviously have a soft spot for Pirates. As for free will of course you can choose to follow whatever rules there are their are consequences for doing so and not doing so that is your choice, hence the term FREE WILL. If you don't even understand this basic premise of western cicvilazation please tell me what public school you went to.

You obviously have no idea what your original post was about, and are just a typical troll trying to take up space and resource. There are people who actually believe like you but they have a rational thought process, not change the subject to try to score points and amuse one's self.

Continue to hide Ryan O you evidently are sure of your believes and convictions you won't post anything about your whereabouts for fear of being called to the carpet one day.

I have given you ample time to prove some sort of point, you have failed. This thread is done for you