Saturday, April 18, 2009

I don't watch 24 cause I'm a racist

Ahhhhhhhh Keith Olberman and Janane Garofolo two things that go together wonderfully.

Like peanut butter and chocolate,

Bill & Hillary

Poop and a Diaper. ( with these two it's a lot of poop so we need a really big diaper)

In the latest installment of reality challenged T.V. our anti hero Keith has on the woefully uninformed Miss Garofolo. She proceeds to comment on everything TEA party related. She knows because she was there at the one in New York. ( she really wasn't but she knows cause she is soooo much smarter than the rest of us)

Anyone of course who was at these TEA parties is a redneck racist according to Miss Garofolo. Up to 250,000 people in these United States of America came out to protest a " Black man" as President.


I personally can't speak for all 4000 people at the TEA party in Lansing Mi but out of the 100 or so people I talked too not ONE of them gave a damn what color or gender the person who has the honor of sitting in the Oval office is, they care what they do! I know this because we all were ticked off that George W Bush had allowed this folly of bailouts to begin and ummmmmmmmm last time I checked Janene he is WHITE. That would probably go for the majority of the people who were there. As for being a redneck , if we are stereotyping I think I remember all rednecks liking NASCAR.


I wanted to tune into Miss Garfolo Air America show the next day to get reaction to the brew ha ha but I could not find it...I wonder why? Maybe they CANCELED Air America ;-)

The last part of her rambling is on Fox news being behind these protests and their ratings from it. This is a part where she has a lil street cred because she knows how to kill ratings.

From out friends over at Hot Air the entire video right here

BTW.....When is Keith gonna get a time out for his spoon feeding of this imbecile. Don Imus was backhanded for damn near the same thing but yet Keith get's hair gel and a stylist for yet another day. I wonder when the board of directors at MSNBC and NBC are gonna smack Zucker and get rid of the former sportscaster. Which will be a sad day for all of us who enjoy watching the deranged talk to the truly deranged.

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Anonymous said...

Hey I was one of the 4000 in Lansing and I don't give "a damn what color or gender the person who has the honor of sitting in the Oval office is"!!!