Monday, March 2, 2009

Rush Limbaugh & The conservative intelligentsia

The Micheal Steele, Rush Limbaugh dust up over the past couple of days has actually been somewhat amusing to watch. I was a bit surprised that Mr Steele would let a True Entertainer, like D L Hugley rope him into such a dumb question and ridiculous premise on his show Sat as to whether Rush is the leader of the GOP.

Micheal Steele has a TON of experience in these type of situations and knows how to sidestep this stuff. The Democrats are trying to tag a figure THEY deem as unpopular as 'LEADING THE CHARGE" and want to change the subject from what they are trying to shove down our throats. Steele apologized Monday after Limabugh went on his radio program and responded to the Hughley program and comments made.

Now I know a lot of this will be spun as Steele groveling. Total Bullshit. Rush is not the leader of any movement or party anymore than Keith Olberman is for the Dems, although fellow blogger John Brodigan makes a somewhat convincing tongue in cheek point on this here Rush is a voice in the conservative movement and a very loud voice. I really believe Steele is much smarter than the trap he got pulled into on Sat getting baited on this stupid premise.

The point Limbaugh is bringing up and being attacked for namely wanting Obama to fail is absurd. IF the President is trying to promote policies that are going to drag the country down it is our duty to try and oppose him and anyone else who lines up for this boondoggle.Just as I thought President Bush was wrong on his domestic spending increases and the Libs on the war.

Which brings me to a lil thing which has been bugging me for over a year now.

The liberals have a unusual allies in this smear effort on El Rushbo.

The Conservative ELITE.

I don't know any of these people personally but I read what they write and I'm amazed at the hate they have for Limbaugh. I get if you don't particularly care for Rush's over the top pontificating, I tire of it too. He can be a lil overbearing and over the top.

But on the issue of the President being wrong to take the country down this road, Rush is RIGHT. And if you scholars would take a moment to separate yourselves from your own ego's you would know he's right on most other things also. I know this is hard for most of these people to do , being that they are really too busy to tell you how smart they are, or what degrees they have.Or how many times they have met President Bush and how long they worked for some elected official or the GOP committee.

This is the thing Egg heads, the people you need to get Conservatives elected don't care. Never have, never will.

This probably makes you sad. Don't fret, there is a movement brewing that you will become part of and try to claim as your own and that fine, middle America doesn't care who get's the credit just as long as the job get's done and the right people are elected.

Now please don't get me wrong just because you don't get Rush, doesn't mean you fall into the above category. Those that I have engaged in conversation through written correspondence are not able to articulate what it is that Rush is saying that is wrong. They just don't like the a " GUY" like Limbaugh is saying it.

Hopefully to achieve our mutual goal of helping America continue to be the best country it can be, those who are the self proclaimed a taddddd bit smarter than the rest of us can play nice with us dullards and get along.

Do it or the Bus to 2010 will most likely run you over

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