Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nancy Pelosi loves her some military Planes

She's Got a Ticket to ride and she don't care...... The Beatles in 1965 speaking possibly of future Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Welllllllll our lil Nancy does have a ticket to ride, and it seems if the ride is not to her choosing she seems to throw a fit like a teenager being denied a ticket to a Jonas Bros concert.

From Women on the Web..

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seems to treat the Air Force like her own personal airline.

Well, that’s according to Judicial Watch, a public interest group that has Defense Department documents dishing the dirt on Pelosi’s frequent requests for military air travel. Pelosi apparently really likes the G5 plane, in particular.

Geeeez what the hell Nancy, you have to be knocked down to a G-5? Was Air Force One not available?

This women was on some people's radar's a long time ago as a TOP hypocrite and she in not failing those who had faith in her all those years ago.Lecture us ALL about the dangers of global warming and our carbon footprint but demand the best plane to haul your ass around the country FREE!! That she has the audacity to demand the Air Force account for where these planes are that she thinks she is entitled too and that they fly out of their way back to her diggs in California to accommodate her is absolutely ludicrous.

I would like to think the people of San Fransisco would wisen up and send her packing.

But I could also hope for a Beatles reunion too, and that aint happening either!!!

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