Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Marines with Bush & Marines with Obama...hmmmmm

The Marines have spoken....Listen


Cindy said...

Great clip. Of course there's a difference in setting and such. That doesn't matter to me, I know Bush is a great guy who was with the guys and didn't stand miles above them like Obama.

Anonymous said...

yes, there is a difference in setting. One man is lifting them up. The other is putting them down. Bush came to support and encourage the Marines. Obama came to set the tone and show the Marines who (he thinks) is running the show. Bush didn't need or would have even dreamed of demanding Pomp and Circumstance in his own honor. Yet, they honored Bush because he honored and respected and is grateful for them. O needed all the props he could get because the only one he honors is himself.

Blue Castle said...

Oh wow. What a difference. Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

No matter where anyone stands politically, no true American should ever fail to stand with, by and for the brave soldiers that serve all of us, here, at home.

What a comparison this video makes - I'm dumbfounded. I'm of no particular party - I am a mom who is grateful for our freedoms; grateful for those who stand up, defend and deliver them, on our behalf (on any soil and with any means, from pen to sword). I'm a proud American. And I support our troops.

The posting of this video (to me) isn't as much a statement about one party over another (though I suspect some will take offense and look at it that way). No, it's a reflection of what was clearly there / not there; the truth of feeling held by both the leader and the lead simply "is" what it "is" and the comparison needs no words - it speaks for itself.

No matter what choices WE make, ahead, we owe those who fight for the freedoms our children hope to inherit, our deepest gratitude and most open display of warmth, connection and appreciation.

Thank you troops!!!

Jeff C said...

Amazing... it is amazing how the mood of the country seemed to change over night. Well as quickly as did, it can change back again !!!!